Frequently Asked Questions

What is our hazing policy?

Alpha Chi Omega has absolutely no tolerance for hazing of any kind. Hazing includes humiliating tasks, intimidation, and isolation, physical or emotional harm, forced consumption of substances, coercion to break the law, or any other activity in which new members are made to do something that would make them feel uncomfortable. We want all new members to feel welcome, and you can be assured that we do not participate in any form of hazing whatsoever. All of our new member activities include things such as fun games and sisterhood get-togethers! We love extending our kind outreach to others, and making Alpha Chi Omega an unsafe environment is never okay with us.

How much commitment is Alpha Chi Omega?

While being a member of Alpha Chi Omega requires active participation, we know that life happens. Many of us are working full-time jobs as well as being full-time students, so we understand that not everyone can attend every event. Excuses must be submitted through our officers, or special leave-statuses may be obtained depending on your situation. If you have concerns about your availability, contact us for further information or questions! Typically, we hold weekly chapter meetings, which every unexcused active member is expected to attend. Those in leadership positions may attend weekly meetings as well. We hold philanthropy, tabling, and sisterhood events, which we encourage all sisters to participate in. New members are usually expected to complete 4 community service hours for their first term, and lifetime members are expected to complete 10 hours a term.

What do I gain by joining Alpha Chi Omega?

There are so many amazing reasons to join a sorority, such as: -Gaining leadership abilities -Have an incredible network of strong, intelligent women supporting you -Making life long friends -Having career connections after college -The opportunity to support our philanthropy and do good in the community -Academic help from fellow members -Social opportunities, such as sisterhoods and fun events -Personal development and character building

I'm not a freshman. Can I still join?

Absolutely! In fact, the majority our of new members through fall formal recruitment and COB are not freshman. We welcome students from anywhere, no matter your age or class standing.

What are Alpha Chi Omega's values?

We continously strive to always be the best women we can be, not just for ourselves, but for our fellow sisters and our community. Our open motto is "together let us seek the heights," which we live by every day. Any sister in our chapter must adhere by our 5 membership standards: -Academic interest -Character -Financial responsibility -Leadership ability -Personal development

How do I join Alpha Chi Omega?

The first step in joining our chapter is to get in touch with us! Contact us on our inquiry form, DM our Instagram, or get in touch with a sister you know. No matter who you reach out to, you'll be put in contact with our recruitment team. From there, you will go through one of two recruitment processes: Fall Formal Recruitment (FFR), or Continuous Open Bidding (COB). FFR, which takes place every fall term in October, is a process in which you will meet both Panhellenic sororities (Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Gamma) over the course of several nights through converations and fun activities. At the end of the week, a bid may be extended to you. If you accept, you are officially a new member! COB takes place at different points throughout the year. During this time, we accept new members through an informal process where girls will meet you one on one to get to know you better. Contact us to see when we are COBing!